Thursday, April 17, 2008

Messed up

This has to be one of the most, um, there is naughty word for it, I have seen in a long time. No matter where you stand on the abortion debate, you have to seriously question what the heck this girl was thinking.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey Everyone

As most of you know, we will be starting a new work at Ohio State, focusing on Worldview development and outreach. Here is where you can keep track of what we are doing:

Monday, March 31, 2008

Pidgeon Forge: An illustration

Look, I'm not a culture snob. I appreciate all types of different culture that we have here in America from Americana to the hip, urban place where I live now. It's all interesting in its own way and shows the diversity that is one of our country's strengths.

But, this weekend, I gazed into one of its glaring warts: Pidgeon Forge, Tenn.

I was in town to do a wedding for one of my best friends. The wedding was fantastic, good friends, old and new, bride was beautiful, groom, well, looked great, everyone cried. And the minister was, well, I was.

Anyway, Pigeon Forge is, as my wife likes to say, craptacular. No, more than craptacular. Supersized craptacular. Horrible looking theaters. Horrible looking shops. All spread out over a four miles strip with no reason, no zoning or even worse in my mind, working with the natural beauty of the Smokey Mountains. It is a perfect picture of what happens when capatalism runs amuck. As I have said, I'm no socialist, but, Pigeon Forge left me wondering....